We Will Come Through This Challenging Time

    Post date: Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020
    Dear fellow Minnesota physicians,

    We have embarked on what will likely be one of most defining points of our medical careers. The weeks, and perhaps months, ahead are impossible to predict. Every day, and sometimes by the hour, new and sometimes conflicting information is disseminated. We are buffeted by massive changes in our workflows and changes in how to care for patients, even those with relatively routine issues. In the midst of this, we also know our own health and that of our co-workers is at risk and our ability to continue to provide care for our patients is not assured. We see the fear and anxiety in our patients’ faces, and we see it in ourselves.  

    Fortunately, we also see the poise, determination and resolve of our fellow physicians as they bravely go to work and adhere to our professional standards and ethics. We also see the willingness of our other health care professional colleagues as they exert enormous effort to stem the tide of this pandemic and bring us through it. They are just some of the heroes who are emerging in this time. For that, I am most thankful.  

    We WILL come through this challenging time because of the collective effort of each of you, and the skill and expertise each of you provides to your patients and colleagues. These challenges remind us of the importance of community, of cooperation, and of the pivotal role of health care as we face this and other challenges in our future. I am hopeful that our coordinated and collective efforts will lead to resolution and return to normalcy for our patients and for us.  

    For 167 years, the Minnesota Medical Association has advocated and amplified your voice for the health of the public and for the health and safety of you and your colleagues. We are continuing to do that now more than ever. Just as each of you supports your colleagues in times of difficulty with an empathic ear, the MMA is here to support you – to listen to your concerns and work to assist you in these times. Please reach out if you have a concern or see something more that we should be doing as your medical association. 

    Thank you, be well. Peace.

    Keith Stelter, MD
    MMA President
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