The work of racial justice and healing requires more inclusive narratives.

This means centering the perspectives of those most impacted by racism in medicine and providing a platform for them to share their stories. For these speakers, it necessitates vulnerability and risk. For the audience, it requires listening to uncomfortable truths. Hearing stories is a powerful tool for understanding one another and for personal reflection. With these videos, we hope to inspire understanding, compassion, and the desire to work toward an anti-racist culture of medicine in Minnesota. 

In the following interviews, the physicians share their stories and truths about practicing medicine as a person from a marginalized or minoritized community in Minnesota.

Maria Camila Arciniegas Calle, MD

David Hamlar, MD, DDS

Derrick Lewis, MD

Yeng Yang, MD, MBA, FAAP

Nathan Chomilo, MD, FAAP, FACP

Dionne Hart, MD

Cybill Oragwu, MD

Aakash Desai, MD, MPH

Adrina Kocharian, MD, PhD (student)

Mary Owen, MD

During this process, several themes echoed across multiple interviews. The three videos below aim to shed light on the issues faced by physicians who hold marginalized identities.

“Minority Tax,” Different Standards, and Wellbeing

Implicit Bias, Microaggressions, and Explicit Racism

Anti-Racism, Representation, and the Culture of Medicine

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