You can’t be what you can’t see.” – Verna Thornton, MD, Co-chair MMA Barriers to Workforce Diversification in Physician Education, Training and Licensure Task Force 


We know diversity in medicine is about more than fairness. Studies show patients who share the same racial or ethnic background as their physician report higher levels of trust and satisfaction. 
This is about a lot more than fairness. 

Diversity in medicine helps ensure all backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, and perspectives are adequately represented in the medical field. It’s about providing the best possible care for all patients and ensuring we are taking steps to be successful in eliminating Minnesota’s troubling health disparities. It’s about what do to give every individual in every community the same opportunity for health. 

The Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) is committed to changing the face of medicine to make medicine more diverse. Now, its Foundation has created Changing the Face of Medicine, a dedicated campaign to support initiatives that tear down the barriers that stand in the way of too many whose dream is to become a physician.  

Changing the face of medicine is a tall order. We need your help today. 

The MMA Foundation’s Changing the Face of Medicine fund will support timely initiatives that show promise to diversify the physician workforce. Our first priority is to offer grants to pay MCAT fees for students who come from Black, Indigenous, and other backgrounds underrepresented in medicine. Why? Well, for example, the growth in the number of Black and African American applicants to medical school lags behind all other groups. It’s time to close this gap.

We have other work planned too, such as reducing other non-tuition barriers and supporting opportunities to expose students to careers in medicine. Please join us. 

This is important work we will accomplish together.  

To Support This Dedicated Fund

To donate to Changing the Face of Medicine, please send a check to the MMA Foundation and include Changing the Face of Medicine in the memo line, and mail it to:  

MMA Foundation Deposit - Lockbox # 135091
PO Box 1150
Minneapolis, MN 55480-1150

Email us with questions.