The MMA supports physicians and patients through advocacy on critical issues affecting the health of Minnesotans and the practice of medicine.

Improve Patient and Population Health

The MMA is leveraging its advocacy strength to improve the health of our communities; the affordability of care; and the quality, safety, and experience of care for all Minnesotans. We’re working to:

  • Improve documentation of and adherence to patients’ end-of-life wishes    
  • Reduce disruptions in patient medication coverage and reduce administrative prescribing burdens for physicians  
  • Reduce suicides, particularly with respect to the use of firearms  
  • Facilitate prompt disclosure and improved resolution of adverse events and reduce the burden of malpractice lawsuits  
  • Reduce substance use disorder morbidity and mortality  
  • Preserve access to reproductive health services, including abortion  
  • Reduce the boarding of mental health patients in emergency departments  

Advance Health Equity

The MMA is addressing some of Minnesota’s greatest health equity challenges – both within the practice of medicine and outside of the clinic walls. We’re working to:

  • Advance efforts to diversify Minnesota's physician workforce 
  • Address the impact of social determinants of health 
  • Modify the culture of medicine to address implicit bias and structural racism

Increase Physician Professional Satisfaction and Well-being

The MMA is working to alleviate the administrative burdens that are the most common drivers of physician burnout and professional dissatisfaction. The MMA champions the medical profession and celebrates the art and humanity of caring for patients. We’re working to:

  • Reduce practice hassles
  • Cultivate the joy of medicine

Empower Physicians 

The MMA is influencing the critical debates occurring in the state whether at the Capitol, with state agencies, with health plans, or among community partners.

Other Key Issues

The MMA is committed to providing leadership and information on the issues physicians and patients care about today. From advance directives to COVID-19 to cannabis, we provide resources and advocacy for the community.