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Valid Instruments to Measure Burnout


Tool to Calculate Organizational Cost of Physician Burnout 

National Academy of Medicine

Valid and Reliable Survey Instruments to Measure Burnout, Well-Being, and Other Work-Related Dimensions

Chief Wellness Officer Resources


Establishing a Chief Wellness Officer Position. Create the Organizational Groundwork for Professional Well-being

AMA Joy in MedicineTM Health System Recognition Program
National Academy of Medicine

Clinician Well-Being Knowledge Hub

The capacity and well-being of the U.S. health workforce has been under threat for years by an epidemic of burnout, and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this systems issue. Now more nurses, physicians, and state and local public health department employees than ever are considering leaving their professions.  Recognizing that the function of the U.S. health system is at stake, the NAM released the National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being in October 2022 to drive collective action to strengthen health workforce well-being and restore the health of the nation.

Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation
Toolkit for Removing Intrusive Mental Health Questions from Licensure & Credentialing Applications

National Plan for Health Workforce Well-being

The Knowledge Hub is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive resource repository to help organizations learn more about clinician burnout and the solutions that promise a brighter, healthier future.

The knowledge hub includes research articles, news articles, blog posts, toolkits, reports, and briefs that provide further insight into the causes of clinician burnout; its consequences for healthcare professionals, patients, and their families; and innovative approaches that organizations can take to promote well-being.

Other Resources Related to Well-being and Burnout

Addressing Health Worker Burnout
The US Surgeon General’s Advisory on Building a Thriving Health Workforce 2022

Practice Redesign


Redesign Your Practice. Reignite Your Purpose

National Academy of Medicine

Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout: A Systems Approach to Professional Well-Being