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The Resident and Fellow Section of the MMA is open to any physician in an accredited residency or postgraduate fellow program in Minnesota who is a member of the MMA and local component medical society.

Governing Council

The Governing Council of the RFS consists of the officers of the section, the resident member of the MMA Board of Trustees, and four members-at-large, elected at the annual business meeting of the section.

2023-2024 MMA RFS Governing Council: 

  • Chairperson: Rebecca Yao, MD
  • Vice Chairperson: Michael Rigby, MD

Staff Liaison: Carol Patterson at 612-757-1706.

The business meetings of the Resident and Fellow Section are open to all resident physicians. The purpose of the business meetings is to:

  • Review reports.
  • Consider and vote upon matters that come before the meeting.
  • Elect a chairperson-elect, the resident member of the MMA Board of Trustees, delegate, alternate delegate and four members-at-large of the Governing Council.
  • Elect the allotted number of delegates to the Interim and Annual Meetings of the AMA/RFS.

MMA Resources for Residents & Fellows

Transition to Practice

Resources designed to address important non-medical topics such as financial planning, insurance needs, and more.


Transition to Practice

Employment Contracting

Resources to help you know what to expect, and how to approach common terms, pitfalls and opportunities in physician contracts.

Employment Contracting 

Leadership Positions

Learn about leadership and committee positions available to you representing the MMA RFS.

Leadership Positions

More Resources

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