The work of the MMA Foundation is made possible by the generous support of many individuals and organizations.

We wish to thank and acknowledge these generous contributors here.

Our Contributors
Gifts in Memory
Gifts in Honor
21st Century Campaign
Legacy Society

Our Contributors

  • John Abenstein, MD
  • ABIM Foundation
  • Paul and Jo-Ellen Abraham 
  • David A. Abraham, MD
  • Bruce E. Adams, MD
  • Affiliated Community Medical Centers
  • David C. Agerter, MD 
  • Michael B. Ainslie, MD
  • Kellen Albrecht
  • Peter Amadio, MD
  • Joseph Amberg, MD
  • AMS/Endo
  • Alfred Anderson, MD
  • Anthony V. Anderson, MD
  • Brian J. and Susan A. Anderson 
  • Dale Anderson, MD 
  • David C. Anderson, MD
  • Anonymous (3) 
  • Howard Ansel, MD 
  • Byron C. Backus, MD
  • Macaran A. Baird, MD
  • Efthimios and Nancy Bakalakos
  • Beth Baker, MD 
  • Gail Baldwin, MD
  • Margaret Barnes, MD
  • Harriet and Bruce Bart, MD 
  • Lloyd G. Bartholomew, MD 
  • Jennifer Bartlotti Telesz, MD
  • Jay & Dr. Carolyn Becker, MD
  • Lee H.Beecher, MD 
  • Joseph C. Belshe, MD 
  • Elisabeth Bennett, MD
  • Susan Bergeson
  • Vernon Berglund, MD
  • Blanton and Bonnie Bessinger 
  • Kevin Best, MD
  • Paul Biewen, MD
  • Elisabeth F. Bilden, MD
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation
  • Blue Earth County Medical Society 
  • Blue Earth Valley Medical Society
  • Edwin Bogonko, MD
  • Peter Bornstein, MD
  • Juan and Debbie Bowen 
  • Jeff and Bonnie Brand
  • Todd D. Brandt 
  • Jerome Bray, MD
  • Otto Bremer Foundation
  • Dr. Thomas G. and Joan A. Briggs 
  • Suhair Burhan, MD 
  • Carl E. Burkland, MD 
  • Amy C. Burt, DO
  • Terence Cahill, MD
  • Dennis J. Callahan, MD 
  • Stuart Cameron, MD
  • Darrell L. Carter, MD 
  • Joseph A. Cella, MD
  • CentraCare Foundation
  • Benjamin Chaska, MD 
  • Sagar Chawla
  • Raymond G. Christensen, MD 
  • Robert D. and Nancy E. Christensen 
  • Graham Clark, MD
  • CM Group 
  • Becki and Charles Coddington
  • Nancy M. Collins, MD 
  • Mark Connelly, MD 
  • Mary Joan Connolly, MD 
    In memory of Lea Rose Hogan, MD 
  • V. Stuart Cox, MD 
  • Kenneth and Gwen Crabb 
  • James L. Craig, MD 
  • Tim Crimmins and Sharon Marx 
  • John T. Crosson, MD 
  • Stephen F. Darrow, MD
  • David E. Pautz, MD
  • Dr. and Mrs. James J. Dehen Jr. 
  • Ramona De Jesus, MD
  • Ramnik Dhaliwal, MD
  • Eric Dick
  • Robert E. Doan, MD 
  • Dale T. Dobrin, MD 
  • Kevin Donnelly, MD
  • Laurie C. Drill-Mellum 
  • Rene duCret, MD and Susan J. Roe, MD 
  • Dave Dvorak, MD
  • East Central Medical Society
  • East Metro Medical Society Foundation 
  • Hugh and Joyce Edmondson 
  • Edwards Memorial Trust
  • Phillip L. Edwardson, MD
  • Britt and Michael Ehlert
  • Edward P. Ehlinger, MD 
  • Mark A. Elias, MD 
  • E.D. Engstrom, MD
  • Dr. Lisa and Mr. David Erickson
  • Armantina M. Espinosa, MD 
  • David Estrin
    In memory of Peggy Craig, MD 
  • Virgil F. Fairbanks, MD
  • Fairview Health Services
  • John and Dianne Fenyk
  • Charles and Victoria Fodor
  • Kurt L. Fox, MD 
  • Richard J. Frey 
  • Aaron Friedman, MD 
  • James Gage, MD
  • Ian Gallaher, MD
  • Thomas Galligan
  • Gail L. Gamble, MD and Mark Pittelkow, MD
  • Dr. Richard and Patricia Geier 
  • Robert W. Geist, MD 
  • Treyce Gladney, in honor of Mary  Nesvig, MD
  • Carla R. Goerish, MD
  • Richard B. Gosen, MD
  • Carol Grabowski, MD and
    Joel Greenwald, MD 
  • Lisa S. Graham, MD
  • Diane M. Grewe
  • C.R. Guiton, MD
  • Mark and Elizabeth Hagberg
  • Norman L. Hagberg, MD 
  • Hardenbergh Foundation
  • Dionne Hart, MD
  • James Hart, MD
  • John Haugen and Alicia Reeves
  • Dan Hauser
  • HealthPartners
  • Louis J. Heck, MD 
  • Michael Heck, MD
  • Josie and Bill Heegaard
  • Jessica Heiring, MD
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Hetchler
  • Richard F. Hirt, MD
  • Doug Holm
  • Roy F. House, MD
  • Thomas Huntley
  • Frank Indihar, MD
  • Patrick W. Irvine, MD 
  • Donald M. Jacobs, MD and
       Jill M. Julsrud, MD 
  • Anthony C. Jaspers, MD 
  • Gerald and Carol Jensen 
  • Bob and Katie Jeske
  • Fatima Jiwa, MBChB
  • Christopher Johnson, MD
  • Daniel A. Johnson, MD 
  • James L. Johnson  
  • Marvin W. Johnson, MD 
  • David and Kathy Johnston 
  • James and Mary Ellen Jordan
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kaiser
  • Roger and Mary Kathol 
  • Bridget Keller, MD 
  • Dennis and Mary Kelly 
  • Kourtney Kemp, MD
  • Kenneth Kephart, MD
  • Peter and Patricia Koontz
  • Bob and Loxley Koshnick 
  • Frederic J. Kottke, MD
  • Thomas E. Kottke, MD
  • Linda E. Krach, MD 
  • Joan M. Krikava, MD 
  • Kim Kruger, MD  
  • Ernest Lampe, MD
  • David A. Lee, MD 
  • Alexander Levitan, MD
  • Mark Liebow, MD
  • Patrick Lilja, MD
  • Lincoln-Lyon Medical Society
  • Dr. Patricia & Rev. John Lindholm
  • Martin Lipschultz, MD
  • Brielle Loe 
  • George and Brenda Lohmer 
  • David D. Luehr, MD 
  • Roger and Jackie MacDonald 
  • Daniel and Colleen Maddox
  • Harmeet Malhi, MD
  • Deane C.  and Nancy G. Manolis
  • Paul Matson, MD 
  • Carolyn McClain, MD
  • Heather McDougall, MD
  • Carolyn McKay, MD
  • Andrew McKeon, MD
  • Kimberly McKeon, MD
  • Jay McNamara
  • Jennifer McNertney
  • Patrick C. Meekin, MD
  • Susan and Robert Meiches 
  • D.C. and Marge Meredith
  • Dr. and Mrs. James R. Michel
  • Mid-Minnesota Medical Society 
  • Mark R. Migliori, MD 
  • Dr. Timothy Miley and Dr. Mary Z. Miley 
  • R. Allen Miner, MD
  • Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation/HFA 
  • Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Foundation 
  • Minnesota Nursing Home Social Workers Association
  • MMA Alliance
    In memory of Past President Vi Culp
    In memory of Past President Maria Kelsey
  • Dr. James and Mary Ann Mongé 
  • Robert Moravec, MD and Roxanne Rosell 
  • Richard J. Morris, MD 
  • Clinton and Michelle Muench
  • Maureen O. Murphy-Ryan, MD
  • Ted Nagel 
  • Audrey M. Nelson 
  • Leon Nesvacil, MD
  • Network for Good 
  • William Nicholson, MD
  • Jerrod Nordberg, MD
  • Joel Oberstar, MD 
  • Eugene W. Ollila, MD
  • Sara J. Olmanson, MD
  • Jeremy and Katie Olsen
  • Richard E. Olson, MD
  • Duane L. Orn, MD 
  • Park Nicollet Institute
  • Park Region Medical Society
  • Jeremy and Katie Olsen 
  • Richard E. Olson, MD
  • Park Nicollet Institute 
  • Park Region Medical Society
  • John R. Parkin, MD
  • David E. Pautz, MD
  • Marilyn J. Peitso, MD 
  • Chuck Pelzl 
  • Kimberly M. Petersen, MD 
  • Charles R. Peterson, MD
  • Noel R. Peterson, MD 
  • Thomas and Patricia Peyla 
  • The Physicians Foundation 
  • Gregory A. Plotnikoff, MD
  • Jack Popowich
  • Phillip Price, MD 
  • Jacob Prunuske, MD
  • Lauretta and Harley Racer, MD 
  • Erick Reeber, MD 
  • John Reichert, MD
  • Christopher Reif, MD
  • Laurel Ries, MD
  • Relf EyeCare Specialists
  • David and Jean Renner 
  • Dr. Nicholas and Bernice Reuter 
  • Randy and Ramona Rice
  • Stephanie Rice, MD
  • Timothy C. Rietz
  • Natalie Rigelman-Hedberg, MD
  • Leeann Rock, MD
  • Terrence Ruane
  • Jeffrey Rubins, MD
  • Robb Rutledge
  • Ed and Jenni Ryan 
  • Scott J. Rysdahl, MD 
  • Randy Saliares, MD
  • Paul Sanders, MD
  • John Sandgren, MD 
  • Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sanford
    In honor of Dr. John Sanford and
    Dr. Julie Moller 
  • Janice and John Sargent
  • Paul J. Savaryn, MD 
  • Nicholas and Erin Schneeman
  • George Schoephoerster, MD 
  • Lawrence D. Schuster, MD, PhD 
  • Burton Schwartz, MD
  • Andrew Sciallis, MD  
  • Gabriel F. Sciallis, MD 
  • Neil Shah, MD
  • Judith F. Shank, MD 
  • Jonathan Shelver, MD
  • William and Theresa Shores
  • Steven Shu, MD
  • Byron Simmons, MD
  • Annette C. Smith Charitable Fund
  • Cindy F. Smith, MD 
  • Theresa Smith, MD
  • Allan Solum, MD 
  • William Spinelli, MD 
  • Jeremy Springer, MD
  • Karen Steiner, MD 
  • Keith Stelter, MD
  • Tierza and Mark Stephan 
  • Farell S. Stiegler, MD
  • Phillip H. Stoltenberg, MD 
  • Philip Stoyke, MD 
  • Richard E. Streu, MD 
  • Jack Strobel, MD
  • Gregory and Julie Stroh 
  • Brian Strub
  • Craig Svendsen, MD
  • Lyle Swenson, MD 
  • Paige Swenson
  • Wade Swenson, MD 
  • Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD 
  • Karin Tansek, MD 
  • T. Michael Tedford, MD
  • Charles Terzian, MD 
  • Michele T. Thieman, MD 
  • Christopher Thiessen, MD
  • Lindsey C. Thomas, MD 
  • David Thorson, MD 
  • Kimberley Tjaden, MD
  • Joseph M. Tombers, MD 
  • Richard B. Tompkins 
  • Fred Townsend, MD 
  • Sally J. Trippel
    In memory of Dr. Melvin A. Amundsen 
  • UCare 
  • Upper Mississippi Medical Society 
  • John and Linda Van Etta
  • Jon Van Loon, MD
  • Neal R. Vanstrom, MD 
  • Ann C. Vogel, MD 
    In memory of my father, Howard A. Vogel, MD, and Milton L.  Kaiser, MD
  • Elizabeth Vogel, MD
  • Craig Walvatne, MD
  • Leonard J. Warren, MD
  • Robert D. Wasson, MD
  • West Metro Medical Society Foundation 
  • David and Solveig Westgard 
  • Kathleen Whitley, MD
  • Benjamin H. Whitten, MD
  • Per and Elaine Wickstrom
  • Robert Widmer, MD
  • Ann and Kent S. Wilson, MD 
  • Thomas J.Witt, MD
  • Douglas L. Wood, MD 
  • Phillip J. Worrell, MD
  • Louise G. Wright, MD 
  • Roy Yawn, MD and Barbara Yawn, MD 
  • Mallory Yelenich-Huss and Adam Huss 
  • James A. Young II, MD 
  • Patrick J. Zook, MD 
  • Zumbro Valley Medical Society

In memory of Eric Dick
Lisa Mattson, MD

In memory of John G. "Jack" Popowich, MD
Robert D. and Nancy E. Christensen

In memory of Melvin A. Amundsen, MD
Sally J. Trippel

In memory of Howard Vogel, MD and Milton Kaiser, MD,
Ann C. Vogel, MD

In memory of Peggy Craig, MD
David Estrin

In memory of Paul Bowlin, MD
Hayden Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

In memory of deceased colleagues
Joseph Tombers, MD


In memory of Lea Rose Hogan, MD
Mary Joan Connolly, MD

In memory of Past President Vi Culp
MMA Alliance

In memory of Past President Maria Kelsey
MMA Alliance

In memory of Barry Friedman, MD
Susanne Cobey

In memory of Leonard Levitan, MD
John Marta, MD

In memory of  Matthew Lieser, MD
Ann C. Vogel, MD

In memory of  Colleen Dooley, MD
Numerous relatives, friends and colleagues

Gifts in Honor

In honor of Dr. John Sanford and Dr. Julie Moller
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sanford

21st Century Campaign

The following individual donors are recognized for their support of the 21st Century Campaign through their generous multi-year commitments totaling $5,000, $10,000 and more.

Paul and Jo-Ellen Abraham 
David Agerter, MD
Brian J. and Susan A. Anderson 
Macaran A. Baird, MD 
Blanton and Bonnie Bessinger 
Benjamin Chaska, MD 
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Dehen, Jr. 
Carol Grabowski, MD and Joel Greenwald, MD 
Donald M. Jacobs, MD and Jill M. Julsrud, MD 
Anthony C. Jaspers, MD 
Dr. Patricia and Rev. John Lindholm
George and Brenda Lohmer

Dr. James and Mary Ann Mongé 
Audrey M. Nelson, MD 
Marilyn J. Peitso, MD
Ed and Jenni Ryan 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sanford
In honor of Dr. John Sanford and
Dr. Julie Moller
Cindy Firkins Smith, MD
Phillip H. Stoltenberg, MD 
Gregory and Julie Stroh 
John and Linda Van Etta 
Ann and Kent S. Wilson, MD

Legacy Society

Dr. Thomas G. and Joan A. Briggs 
Dr. Robert D. and Nancy E. Christensen
Dr. Richard and Patty Geier
Hugh & Joyce Edmondson

Frank J. Indihar, MD 
Thomas and Patricia Peyla

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