The Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) Practice Well Collaboratory is an innovative and cooperative thought-laboratory designed to share, promote, and explore innovative strategies and best practices to support physician health and well-being and to combat physician burnout.

The MMA invites individual practitioners, healthcare leaders, well-being champions, medical educators, scholars, and artists from diverse disciplines to submit proposals related to individual and systems approaches to promote physician health and well-being. We welcome interdisciplinary and interprofessional approaches to these topics. 

Proposals may be selected to be included as a resource on the Collaboratory site, or as presentations at future events. 

Passionate collaborators with diverse backgrounds and ideas will be vital to the success of this project.

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Please share a brief description of the work you propose. All submissions will be carefully considered and will receive a timely response.

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Questions? Contact Kristen Gloege

About the Practice Well Collaboratory

Physicians, wellness leaders and champions, and others utilize the Collaboratory to:

  • Find and share local and national resources 
  • Promote practical strategies to build personal resilience and practice self-care
  • Share system-level approaches for designing workplaces that foster well-being and respect professionalism 
  • Advocate for change in structures and policies that impede the patient-physician relationship and drive burnout
  • Build community and support one another

In addition to the online resources, the Collaboratory includes an annual conference (the Reclaim the Joy of Medicine: Bounce Back Clinician Resilience Conference) and will be expanded to include additional events and features.