Physicians told the MMA it was a hassle to fill out the same forms over and over again to submit for health plan and hospital credentialing. The MMA listened and decided to do something about it. 

The MMA is a founding member of the Minnesota Credentialing Collaborative, and together we created an electronic credentialing application that makes the process so much easier.

How it Works

After paying a $30 yearly fee, you or your clinic enters your credentialing information in the app at You sign off on the electronic form. The system checks the information and sends it electronically to the health plans or hospitals that you have selected. 

The system makes sure that your application is much more complete and accurate the first time it’s submitted. This reduces the chance your initial or re-credentialing application will need additional information or clarification.

Benefits for Your Practice

It’s safe. All data is saved in a secure database.

It’s secure. You own the data and determine where it’s sent.

It’s simple. Drop-down lists make it easy for you to complete the form and eliminate misspellings of hospital names.

It reduces errors. The system checks your work to make sure dates are in logical order.

It eliminates repetition. What you enter is stored for future use.

MMA Works for You

This is a benefit of your member dues and is another example of how the MMA continues to advocate for Minnesota physicians and their patients. 

If you are not an MMA member, join today

The project has been a joint effort of the MMA, the Minnesota Council of Health Plans (MCHP), the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) and is endorsed by the Minnesota Medical Group Management Association (MMGMA).