practice well collaboratory logo.jpgThe Practice Well Collaboratory is envisioned as an innovative and cooperative thought-laboratory to share, promote, and explore strategies and best practices to support physician health and wellbeing and to combat physician burnout.

Why We Created the Practice Well Collaboratory

Clinician “burnout” has been well documented. Numerous surveys and studies report physicians and nurses experience burnout at rates of 60 percent and 54 percent, respectively. In addition to its toll on clinicians, physician burnout alone costs the healthcare industry more than $4.6B per year, according to a 2019 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. At its worst, burnout is associated with medical errors and suicide.  

The factors that drive clinician professional dissatisfaction and burnout are complex and include individual, organizational, social, cultural, and environmental factors. The MMA’s Practice Well Collaboratory is intended to focus on all of the factors that impact wellbeing and burnout in order to accelerate real and meaningful change. 

The Practice Well Collaboratory is a space for physicians, wellness leaders and champions, and other stakeholders to:

  • Find and share local and national resources
  • Promote practical strategies to build personal resilience and practice self-care
  • Share system-level approaches for designing workplaces that foster wellbeing and respect professionalism
  • Advocate for change in structures and policies that impede the patient-physician relationship and drive burnout
  • Build community and support one another

Together, we will reclaim the purpose, humanity, and joy in the practice of medicine. Please join us.

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