Physician Employment Contracting

Employment Contracting and Negotiation

Contracting Considerations

Preparing for your first (or tenth) employment or partnership contract.

Entering into your first employment or partnership contract is likely to be both exhilarating and intimidating.  These resources will help you know what to expect, and how to approach some common terms, pitfalls and opportunities in physician contracts.  It is always best to enlist the skills of an attorney with experience in physician contracting, in the applicable state.  For referrals to experienced attorneys, contact the MMA.

Anatomy of a physician contract (revised 3/17/21)

Most physician employment contracts have a common set of components.  This document explains the meaning and implications of these core terms. 

Restrictive covenant FAQ (revised 3/17/21)

Restrictive covenants (sometimes called covenants not to compete) can profoundly limit your ability to practice, in some circumstances.  Know what to look for and beware of.

Negotiation dos and don’ts (revised 3/17/21)

If you choose not to be represented by an attorney in negotiations, arm yourself with these practical contract negotiation tips.

Checklist (revised 3/17/21)

This checklist is intended to be a working document to help you examine your own contract, prepare to work with your attorney, and negotiate with your potential employer.

Additional resources:

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