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1) Permissions: Commercial and Noncommercial Use

Any reproduction of Minnesota Medicine content (excerpt or full text) by commercial and nonprofit organizations or companies wishing to share information with their members or clients requires permission from us. Some uses may require you to pay a fee; others may not.

To obtain permission to reprint or republish an article that appeared in Minnesota Medicine, please submit a letter indicating the name of the article, the author, the edition of Minnesota Medicine in which the article appeared and the intended use to:

Minnesota Medicine 
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If you have questions, call Mary Canada at 612-362-3728.

Unless otherwise agreed to (in writing), stories for which reprint permission is granted must be reproduced in their entirety, unedited and accompanied by the following statement:

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION. Copyright year, Minnesota Medical Association.

2) Permissions: Academic or Personal Noncommercial Use

For photocopy or other reuse requests please contact: 

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3) Reprints: Electronic Copies

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