• A Disturbing Killing in Minneapolis: The Minnesota Medical Community Must Help Heal & Lead

    Friday, Jun 5, 2020

    It has been a sobering and difficult couple of weeks in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd. His killing, captured in a graphic and horrifying video, was followed by peaceful protests and destructive riots both of which rightfully shook our state’s, and our country’s, arrogant claims of exceptionalism. Early claims by state and local leadership that the destruction and looting were the primary result of “outsiders” provided an easy excuse to avoid looking at ourselves. But let’s be honest – bigotry, oppression, and racism exist in Minnesota. And, no, it is not just a “city” or “urban” problem – these behaviors can be found in every community in our state and across the country. Will this time be different? Will, as his 6-year daughter Gianna said, George Floyd change the world?

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  • We Will Come Through This Challenging Time

    Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020

    Dear fellow Minnesota physicians,

    We have embarked on what will likely be one of most defining points of our medical careers. The weeks, and perhaps months, ahead are impossible to predict. Every day, and sometimes by the hour, new and sometimes conflicting information is disseminated. We are buffeted by massive changes in our workflows and changes in how to care for patients, even those with relatively routine issues. In the midst of this, we also know our own health and that of our co-workers is at risk and our ability to continue to provide care for our patients is not assured. We see the fear and anxiety in our patients’ faces, and we see it in ourselves.  

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  • Not Your Grandfather’s MMA, but More Work to Do

    Friday, Nov 22, 2019

    At its Nov. 9, 2019 meeting, the MMA Board of Trustees adopted new policy on gender equity in medicine. This policy, based on recently adopted policy by the  AMA, was brought forward as an Open Issue at our Annual Conference in September and recommended for action by our Policy Council.

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  • Changing Times Call for Changing Measures

    Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019

    The  MMA  has made the decision to withdraw from the board of MN Community Measurement (MNCM) and to resign as a founding, dues-paying member. This was a difficult decision and one that the MMA, itself a dues-supported organization, made following thoughtful deliberations

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  • Why the MMA is Like Public Radio

    Monday, Jun 3, 2019

    Another season of membership pledges has ended. No, not for the MMA, but for your local public radio station. A few times a year, over the course of several days, public radio issues a plea to its listeners to “become a member” and support their quality programming. Yet any of us can turn the radio dial and enjoy public radio’s news, music, and other programs whether we contribute and become members or not. The same is true of the MMA.


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