MMA Awards

Award Entry Guidelines

Each year at its Annual Conference, the MMA honors physicians and medical students in the state who have made outstanding contributions to their profession, their practice or the world around them.  

To nominate someone for an award, please fill out the nomination form online or print and mail it in.
For background information and criteria for each award, click here.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is the MMA's highest honor. It is given to a physician who has made outstanding contributions in service to the MMA and on behalf of medicine and the physicians of Minnesota during his or her career.

President's Award

This award is designated for individuals who have made outstanding contributions in service to the goals of the MMA - making Minnesotans the healthiest in the nation; making Minnesota the best place to practice; and advancing professionalism in medicine.   


Medical Student Leadership Award

This award honors a member of the MMA Medical Student Section who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the medical profession.

James H. Sova Memorial Award for Advocacy

James H. Sova was the chief lobbyist for the MMA from 1968 until the time of his death at the AMA meeting in December1981. This award shall be made to a person who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of public policy, medical sciences, medical education, medical care or the socio-economics of medical practice. 

Recent MMA Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award
Year Recipient
2019 Donald Jacobs, MD
2018 Cindy Firkins Smith, MD
2017 Benjamin Whitten, MD
2016 Patricia Lindholm, MD
2015 Patrick Zook, MD
2014 Paul Matson, MD
2013 Macaran A Baird, MD
2012 John Van Etta, MD
2011 Anthony C Jaspers, MD
2010 Douglas L Wood, MD
2009 Terence P Cahill, MD
2008 G. Richard Geier Jr, MD
2007 Blanton Bessinger, MD, MBA
2006 Frank J Indihar, MD, MBA
2005 Timothy J Crimmins, MD
2004 Judith F Shank, MD
2003 Lyle Munneke, MD
2002 None
2001 Raymond G. Christensen, MD
2000 Paul S. Sanders, MD

James H. Sova Memorial Award for Advocacy
Year Recipient
2019 Jeffrey Schiff, MD
2017 Andy Slavitt
2016 Melisa Franzen
2014 Thomas Huntley
2007 Thomas Huntley
2005 Jan Malcolm
2004 David Durenberger

Medical Student Section Award
Year Recipient
2019 Tom Schmidt
2018 Abby Solom
2017 Alexander Feng
2017 Nathan Ratner
2016 Courtney Moors
2015 Elizabeth Fracica
2013 Mark E Bergstrand
2011 Shayla M Wilson
2010 Elizabeth R Vogel, MD
2009 Nicole J Te Poel, MD
2008 Andrew P Landstrom
2007 Nicholas A Zane, MD
2006 Lisa J Maurer, MD
2005 Colin M Segovis, MD
2004 Aaron L Nelson, MD
2004 Stephanie D Stanton, MD

President's Award
Year Recipient
2019 Kathryn Duevel, MD
2019 George Lohmer
2018 Thomas Kottke, MD
2018 Charlie Reznikoff, MD
2017 Dionne Hart, MD
2017 Christopher Reif, MD
2016 Sally Trippel, MD
2015 George Schoephoerster, MD
2015 Steven Meister, MD
2015 Jane Willet, DO
2014 Beth Baker, MD
2013 Fred T Nobrega, MD
2013 Erick Reeber, MD
2011 Kenneth W Crabb, MD
2010 Linda L Van Etta, MD
2010 Nicholas F Reuter, MD
2010 Frank B Cerra, MD
2009 Edward P Ehlinger, MD, MSPH
2009 Harriet Hodgson
2008 Stephen L Hadley, MD
2008 John W Larsen, MD
2008 David L Estrin, MD
2007 John R Balfanz, MD
2007 Patrick J Zook, MD
2007 George D Malkasian Jr, MD
2007 Roger K Johnson, CAE
2006 Jane Abrams
2006 Noel R Peterson, MD, MS
2005 Charles R Helleloid, MD
2005 Bruce A Norback, MD
2004 Fred T Nobrega, MD
2004 Edward A Spenny, MD
2004 Frank J Indihar, MD, MBA
2004 John V Thomas, MD
2004 Anthony C Jaspers, MD
2004 Lee H Beecher, MD
2004 Dianne Fenyk