Legislative Action

The MMA supports physicians and patients through advocacy on crucial issues affecting the health of Minnesotans and the practice of medicine.

The legislative priorities for the 2019 session were:

Preserving MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance coverage by adopting a claims expenditure assessment as an on-going, stable funding mechanism for the expiring, outdated provider tax. Ensuring continuation of drug therapy for patients with chronic medication needs by limiting the ability of health plans or pharmacy benefit managers to restrict access to drugs once a patient begins a therapy, and
supporting legislation that ensures prescribers receive real-time notifications on formulary changes and alternative covered drugs. Supporting funding to address the opioid crisis, including funds to ensure Prescription Monitoring Program access through the EHR and to address addiction treatment, prevention, and education. Supporting changes to the Minnesota Health Records Act to align with federal HIPAA laws to improve efforts to better coordinate patient care and reduce duplication of services.      
MMA’s current advocacy priorities are:
  • Ensure coverage for and access to high-quality, affordable health care for all Minnesotans
  • Reduce variation and simplify prior authorization processes to ensure timely access to appropriate medications
  • Improve the racial and ethnic diversity of Minnesota’s physician workforce
  • Support quality improvement through valid, reliable, relevant and parsimonious set of measures
  • Facilitate physician leadership in improving community health   
  • Improve EHR functionality and clinical data exchange
  • Improve alignment of end-of-life care and patient preferences

Other issues: