Legislative Action

The MMA supports physicians and patients through advocacy on crucial issues affecting the health of Minnesotans and the practice of medicine.

The legislative priorities for the 2020 session are:

1.    Reduce minors’ access to tobacco and e-cigarettes 
       a.    Increase the age to purchase tobacco and vaping products to 21 
       b.    Prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco and other flavored nicotine-containing products 

2.    Prevent firearm injury and death 
       a.    Expand criminal background checks to all firearm transfers and sales 
       b.    Enact a “red flag” law to allow law enforcement to protect those who may be a danger to    themselves or others 
       c.    Authorize the use of firearm ownership data for public health research or epidemiologic investigation 

3.    Increase immunization rates 
       a.    Repeal existing personal belief exemption (PBE) from Minnesota’s childhood immunization laws 
       b.    Fund education and outreach efforts in communities with lower immunization rates 

4.    Reduce third-party interference in patient care 
       a.    Prohibit insurers from forcing a patient on successful medication therapy to change medications during an insurance benefit year 
       b.    Extend current law that prohibits HMOs from denying a service simply for failure to ask for a prior authorization to all types of health insurance products 
       c.    Require insurers to provide real-time prescription benefit information and notice of prior authorization requirements in compliance with nationally developed standards