Legislative Action

The MMA actively advances its agenda, and defends medicine and patient care at the Minnesota Capitol.  Our legislative priorities are:
  • Opioid Crisis
    • The MMA is educating prescribers and patients on appropriate opioid use and supporting efforts to treat addiction.
  • Prescribing Burdens/Prior Authorization
    • The MMA is working to make sure patients can get access to needed medication without prescribers having to jump through unreasonable burdens, like prior authorizations for basic drugs.
  • Provider Tax
    • The MMA is working to find a stable funding source for our health care safety net that does not fall solely on health care providers.
  • 2018 Legislative Summary
    • Read a summary of the work the MMA did on your behalf.
  • Find your legislator
    • Not sure who is your legislator?  Use this tool to find out.