I Want to Partner or Collaborate

The MMA Practice Well Collaboratory is founded on the premise that together, by sharing our stories, our experiences, and intervention strategies, we can elevate the importance of clinician wellbeing and reclaim the purpose, humanity, and joy in the practice of medicine. We hope you will get involved.

Ways to Get Involved with the MMA Practice Well Collaboratory

Here are some of the ways you can get more involved in this work:
  • Share your experiences, research, or personal stories for the Practice Well Collaboratory. E-mail Kristen Gloege to discuss opportunities to share your wellbeing work or experiences with others.
  • Submit a proposal to present at our annual Reclaim the Joy in Medicine: Bounce Back Clinician Wellbeing Conference or other future events.  The Call for Collaborators is available here.
  • Join our e-mail list. When you add your address to our Practice Well Collaboratory mailing list, you will receive e-mailed updates about wellness-related collaborative opportunities, on-line forums, conferences, newsletters, and more.  Click here to add your name to our Practice Well Collaboratory e-mail list. 

Contact Us

We want to hear from you. If you have a question, comment or suggestion for the MMA Practice Well Collaboratory, contact Kristen Gloege.

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