Grant Available to Assist Immigrant International Medical Graduates

[MMA News Now, Jan. 21, 2016] The Minnesota Department of Health has issued an RFP (found on page 838) worth up to $220,000 to fund initiatives to assist immigrant international medical graduates (IIMGs) with career guidance and support. Nonprofit organizations in Minnesota are eligible for grants. Applications are due Feb. 12.

This is part of a comprehensive program authorized by the Minnesota Legislature to “address barriers to practice and facilitate pathways to assist” IIMGs and other foreign-trained health care professionals in integrating into the Minnesota health care delivery system. The goal is to increase access to primary care in rural and underserved areas of the state.

Eligible applicants should have experience:
•    Working with immigrants/refugees in Minnesota
•    Providing career guidance and support, preferably in health occupations
•    Partnering with educational and support service agencies to maximize resources
•    Collaborating with Minnesota health professionals licensing board.

For more information and assistance, contact Yende Anderson, Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Rural Health & Primary Care at 651-201-5988.

It should also be noted that the legislatively mandated IMG Assistance Program’s Stakeholder Advisory Group continues to meet. The advisory group, which includes one MMA representative, Amrit B. Singh, MBBS, was created to guide and advise the IMG Assistance Program. For more information on the IMG Assistance Program, visit the health department’s website