Physicians Urged to Support Recommended Changes to Licensure Application Question

This Saturday (Sept. 11), the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice (BMP) is expected to vote on recommended changes to the medical licensure initial and renewal application question. The meeting is open to the public and those interested can find the virtual log-in information and agenda here.

The change recommended by the BMP’s Policy & Planning Committee addresses the core problem with the current language, which requires disclosure of conditions that have been or are currently being treated that do not impact a physician’s ability to practice medicine.

The MMA supports the recommended change and calls on physicians to urge the BMP to adopt it. The recommended language, “Do you currently have any condition that is not being appropriately treated which is likely to impair or adversely affect your ability to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety in a competent, ethical and professional manner,” is also supported by the Federation of State Medical Boards.

Physicians are urged to contact the BMP prior to Saturday morning’s meeting and support physician health and well-being.