Physicians Encouraged to Review Opioid Prescribing Reports

Physicians who treat Minnesotans covered by Medicaid and MinnesotaCare, and prescribe opioids for pain management, including those who prescribe to fee-for-service members and those who care for members enrolled in a managed care organization, are encouraged to review their 2018 opioid prescribing reports.

Physicians will have received a report only if they have: 1) issued an outpatient opioid prescription to a Medicaid recipient last year and 2) set up their individual MN-ITS mailbox (for assistance, call the provider call center at 651-431-2700). 

If you’ve not yet set up a mailbox, the Department of Human Services (DHS) asks that you do so. DHS will issue another round of reports to these mailboxes later in July. At that point, DHS will also mail via the postal service reports to those who haven’t set up mailboxes.   

Physicians who prescribe larger amounts of opioids due to the type of patient populations that they manage will be able to request a special cause exemption. DHS, the Opioid Prescribing Work Group and partners in the medical community are currently developing the special cause exemption criteria and process.  Criteria under consideration for this exemption include the proportion of a provider’s patient panel with chronic pain or with very severe, acute pain of extended duration (e.g., burn victims, major orthopedic surgical procedures).”

Click here to see a sample of the letter sent to prescribers. 

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