Members Asked to Vote for MMA Leadership During August

MMA members are invited to vote for 2020 MMA leadership during the month of August. Members will receive a ballot via email to vote on the slate of leadership candidates for 2020.

To “meet” each candidate, click here for background information. 

President-elect and Board of Trustee members will take office Oct.1. AMA delegates and alternate delegates take office beginning Jan. 1, 2021. 

Here is the slate: 

President-elect (voters will pick 1) 
Randy Rice, MD

Trustee (voters will pick 4) 
Edwin Bogonko, MD (incumbent)
Lynn Cornell, MD (incumbent)
Elizabeth Elfstrand, MD
James Hebl, MD
Dania Kamp, MD
Carolyn McClain, MD (incumbent)

Resident/Fellow (voters will pick 1)
Maria Arciniegas Calles, MD

Medical Student (voters will pick 1)
Adrina Kocharian
Derrick Lewis 

AMA delegate (voters will pick 1) 
Andrea Hillerud, MD

AMA alternate (voters will pick 1) 
Lisa Mattson, MD
To ensure reliable and accurate voting, the MMA will use an external ballot vendor, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS). To assure your election specific broadcast email arrives safely in your inbox on Aug. 1, simply add the following email address as an approved sender: If you do not receive your election email by Aug. 3, contact support.