MMA Sends Letters Opposing Senate Health Bill to MN Senators

On July 6, the MMA sent letters opposing the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) to Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, both of whom oppose the plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
“The Senate proposal represents a significant step backward as an estimated 15 million fewer Americans would have coverage in 2018, growing to 22 million fewer with coverage by 2026,” said the letter signed by MMA President David Agerter, MD. “This fact alone precludes MMA support of the bill and is contrary to MMA’s clear goal of insurance coverage for all.”

Earlier this year, the MMA sent letters to the entire Minnesota Congressional delegation speaking out against replacing and repealing the ACA.

In addition to the number of Minnesotans who would lose coverage with the Senate plan, the MMA is concerned about who specifically will lose coverage.  

“The Senate proposal threatens to harm the most vulnerable Minnesotans – low-income children, elderly, and the disabled covered by Medicaid,” the letter states. “Although the Senate proposal includes a somewhat slower pace in reducing funding for Medicaid expansion, the depth of the reductions are actually more significant than those proposed by the House.”

The MMA remains committed to improving health care and the ACA based on the following principles: 
•    insurance coverage for all 
•    strong patient-physician relationships
•    access to appropriate care for all
•    improved affordability of care
•    investment in public health and prevention
•    health equity
•    innovation in care delivery and payment
•    broad-based, stable and adequate financing. 

“Neither BCRA nor the AHCA (the House’s American Health Care Act) advance these core principles,” Agerter wrote. 

As News Now went to press Senate leadership had signaled plans for a vote next week, although the content of a final bill remains unclear as various changes are considered.