MMA Provides Comments to State on Proposed Changes to MA/MNCare Contracting

On Dec. 20, the MMA sent comments to the Department of Human Services in response to its Request for Comments on changes to Medicaid/MinnesotaCare purchasing using managed care organizations and Integrated Health Partnerships.

“Overall, the MMA supports the department’s core objectives and proposal to conduct a new procurement in the seven county metropolitan area in 2018, for contracts beginning in 2019,” said the letter signed by MMA President George Schoephoerster, MD. “The MMA also supports efforts to further refine options for the Integrated Health Partnership (IHP) demonstration model consistent with efforts to further test alternative payment and delivery models that can improve care, efficiency, and patient experience.”

However, the MMA did have comments in four areas including:
•    Supporting an exclusive primary care clinic /network  
•    Supporting a single preferred drug list
•    Addressing social determinants of health
•    Aligning quality measures

Read the entire letter here

For more information on the Request for Comment, click here