MMA Launches New Physician Wellness App

MMA members now have free access to a new physician wellness app through a partnership with Benovate, a Minnesota-based software development company.
Through the personalized app, physicians will have unlimited access to tools, information and incentives to help make simple lifestyle changes to improve health and increase overall well-being. The program is completely confidential to the individual and HIPPA compliant.

As part of the agreement between the MMA and Benovate, MMA will have access to aggregate information about factors that contribute to the stress of physicians and physicians-in-training. This information will be used to inform future MMA work and priorities to improve physician wellness.

“Providing physicians with personalized tools and skills to improve their well-being is a critical part of the strategic plan of the MMA,” said MMA President Keith Stelter, MD. “The data will help us address systemic issues that impact physicians in Minnesota."

Benovate has been a well-being platform delivery company since 2011. The platform combines unifying health data, incentives, benefits, and activities into a single place to empower and engage members to improve their total well-being. Benovate creates a dynamic assessment relevant to each individual member based on their preferences and health risks. The platform focuses on the entire picture of members total well-being, including nutrition, physical activities, relationships, personal growth and financial well-being.

Members can utilize the program on any web-enabled device to access health plan resources and be rewarded for partaking in a variety of activities, courses and local events.

Link to the registration page here