MMA Continues Its Work on Behalf of Preceptors

On Feb. 21, the MMA testified in support of a bill (SF139) that would provide a tax credit worth $5,000 for physicians and other health care workers who serve as preceptors in the state.  

Jeremy Springer, the co-chair of the MMA’s Preceptor Initiative, testified on behalf of the association in the Senate Taxes Committee. The MMA also provided a letter of support last week, when the House version (HF1167) was heard in the Health and Human Services Reform Committee.

Through its research, the MMA has "heard that the limited number of clinical training sites, the time needed to serve as a clinical preceptor, and the lack of incentives that are provided to clinical preceptors, stand as barriers to ensuring our state has a sufficient pool of physicians to serve in one of their most valued roles – that of teacher," Springer told the committee.

Chief authors of the bills include Sen. Greg Clausen (DFL- Apple Valley) and Rep. Jennifer Schultz (DFL-Duluth).