MEDPAC Endorses Walz for Governor 


MEDPAC, the political action committee of the MMA, has announced its support of Gov. Tim Walz for re-election this coming November.  

This was a unique move for MEDPAC, which does not usually endorse candidates in statewide races. The Board chose to do so because this election is so important to the direction of the state. 

In its letter, Will Nicholson, MD, MEDPAC chair, stated: 

“The ongoing global pandemic and other critical healthcare issues are at stake this year and that compelled the organization to support a candidate who would best advocate for the health of Minnesotans. In his four years leading Minnesota, Gov. Walz has demonstrated alignment with our core values of respect, honesty, and support for science and public health.” 

The letter emphasized Walz’s advocacy for widespread vaccination, work to protect access to reproductive healthcare, and support for policies related to firearm safety reform, as key reasons for the endorsement.  

“MEDPAC makes its support decisions based on the candidate that best aligns with MMA’s positions,” Nicholson wrote. “The MMA’s mission is to improve the health of Minnesotans and to make Minnesota the best state to practice medicine. We believe that Walz’s positions help us achieve those goals.” 

MEDPAC is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of physicians, residents, and medical students from around the state and from across the political spectrum, and physicians from all types of practices. MEDPAC does not accept contributions from corporations or incorporated practices for its MEDPAC political contribution fund and receives no money from the MMA or from MMA member dues, and is wholly supported by voluntary contributions from individuals.