Legislature Done with First Phase of Session

As of today (March 29), the Legislature has reached the final policy deadline for the winnowing process for viable legislation for the 2018 session. 

March 29 marks the second and final deadline for bills that strictly include only policy changes with no financial impact to the state. Potential legislation must have cleared the policy committees in either the House or Senate by March 22, and that same bill needs to have cleared the same mark in the other body by March 29. A final deadline in late April applies to legislation with a tax implication or new state spending.  

While the deadlines dramatically narrow the universe of viable bills, legislators and lobbyists alike will continue to seek ways to keep their issues alive, often trying to amend bills that are moving through the legislative process.

With the deadlines passed, legislators are now on Easter/Passover break until April 9. They will then have until May 21 to pass their legislation. When lawmakers return, they will be focused on bonding and supplemental budget discussions.