Legislators Ramp Up for Final Six Weeks

Members of the House and Senate returned to the Capitol following a week-long break for Easter and Passover to begin the session's heavy lifting. Several major pieces of the legislative puzzle, including a bonding bill, tax conformity with the federal government and a supplemental budget, await their attention.
With a third and final deadline approaching on April 20, health care finance committees in both the House and Senate continue to consider proposals in anticipation of building large omnibus packages that will include many smaller bills. 

It is expected that legislative leaders will soon announce budget targets.These targets indicate how much new funding – or budget cuts – that each segment of the state budget will receive. The state is currently operating with a surplus of more than $300 million for the current biennium.

MMA priorities, including efforts to ensure patients have access to medications at the lowest possible price, remain in play. Legislators are also certain to address the opioid crisis, though the contours of that proposal remain unclear at this point.  

The state’s constitution mandates that the session end no later than midnight on May 21.