Hippocrates Cafe to Combine Prose, Music and Medicine Before Annual Conference

Prose, music and medicine will converge during a special production of Hippocrates Cafe on Sept. 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Kitchi Gammi Club in Duluth. The performance takes place the night before the MMA’s 2019 Annual Conference.

Developed by MMA member and Minnesota Public Radio contributor Jon Hallberg, MD, in 2009, Hippocrates Cafe features professional actors and musicians who explore health care topics through song and story. 

On Sept. 19, performers will present selected readings from Minnesota Medicine. They will be joined by professional musicians. 

The event is free for Annual Conference attendees. If you only want to attend Hippocrates Cafe the costs are: $35 for members, $50 for nonmembers, $25 for retirees, and $20 for residents/students. Register via our conference registration site