2022 Day at the Capitol to be Held Virtually Again

With House leadership’s recent decision to meet virtually during the 2022 legislative session, the MMA has decided that its annual Day at the Capitol will be held via Zoom again. At this point, Senate leadership is planning to meet in-person. 

The event will be held online from noon to 1 p.m. on March 1; the MMA will work with members to arrange for online meetings with their representative and senator later that day. 

“We were hoping to be able to hold the event at the Capitol but with one body of the Legislature meeting virtually, we realized that wouldn’t make sense,” said MMA President Randy Rice, MD. “It’s hard to match the visual of the Capitol filled with our white coats but we understand the decision.”

“While it’s not preferred, we will still be able to educate members online about our top priorities and provide them with tips on how to interact with their elected officials,” said Dave Renner, the MMA’s director of advocacy. “Now more than ever, physicians need to be meeting with representatives and senators to continue advocating for the practice of medicine and patients, whether it’s online or in-person.”