MNsure: Minnesota’s Health Insurance Exchange

On Oct. 1, 2013, thousands of individual Minnesotans and small businesses began comparison shopping for health care coverage on the state’s health insurance exchange known as MNsure. In addition to comparison shopping, MNsure helps individuals and small employers determine whether they are eligible for federal tax credits or other subsidies. Individuals eligible for Medical Assistance, Minnesota’s Medicaid program, can also use MNsure to determine their eligibility and enroll in coverage.

As with any new tool, there will likely be many questions from physicians and patients. The answers to many of these questions can be found in the resources below.

If you have specific questions related to MNsure and how it affects Minnesota physicians please send them to and the MMA staff will do its best to provide timely answers.

Resources for physicians:

MMA Related Policies

290.64 (Insurance Exchange Support)

290.61 (Development of Insurance Exchange)

290.59 (Study of an Insurance Exchange)

290.57 (Work to Advance Health Care Reform)

290.55 (Federal Reform - 2009)

290.2488 (Monitoring of Health Insurance Exchange)