MMA membership is open to all licensed physicians, retired physicians, residents, fellows and medical students.

Physicians who join the MMA also join their local component medical society (CMS).

2020 Rates - Individual Dues Categories
Regular One-year $555
Regular three-year – 10% discount (paid annually) $500
First year in practice $139
Second year in practice $278
Third year in practice $416
Part-time Practice* $278
Leave of Absence* $278
Resident/Fellow $0
Medical Student $0
Retired $0
*To activate membership, please contact membership staff.

One-Year Regular Membership – MMA’s individual membership, active Jan-Dec 31.

Three-Year Discounted Membership – Individual members who make a three-year, non-binding commitment receive a 10 percent discount. Dues are paid annually.

First Year in Practice – Physicians in their first year of practice receive a 75 percent membership discount.

Second Year in Practice – Physicians in their second year of practice receive a 50 percent membership discount.

Third Year in Practice – Physicians in their third year of practice receive a 25 percent membership discount.

Residents/Fellows – Medical residents/fellows working in an accredited program can join MMA at no cost.

Medical Students – Medical students studying in an accredited program can join MMA at no cost.

Retired Members – Retired physicians can maintain MMA benefits into retirement at no cost. Please call 612-362-3728 to activate your membership. Please note there is a $30 subscription fee to continue receiving Minnesota MedicineRetired physicians can also make a voluntary contribution to support the critical work of MMA -- email us.


IRS Information

The 1993 Federal Revenue Reconciliation Act states that portions of association expenses related to lobbying are not deductible.

For 2020, 93 percent of MMA dues, 90 percent of TCMS and 100 percent of all other component medical society dues may be deductible as a business expense. Medical association dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution.