Testimonials from MMA members

“The MMA has been working for us to reduce prior authorization for medications, one of the many administrative burdens that plague our practice. Reducing the time and effort this burden causes would go a long way toward letting us actually act like physicians and spend more time with our patients rather than just work on administrative tasks.” - Randy Rice, MD, current MMA Board of Trustees Chair, Gateway Family Health Clinic, Moose Lake

“The MMA uses its strong voice at the Capitol to improve the health of Minnesotans. It helped to raise taxes $1.60 on a pack of cigarettes to curtail smoking and has successfully worked with the Department of Health to improve the health of children by updating childhood immunization guidelines.” - Laurel Ries, MD, HealthEast Rice Street Clinic, St. Paul

“The MMA aggressively protects the practice of medicine and the medical profession against corporate or government interference to the patient-physician relationship. The MMA also protects physicians against threats like practice expansion that could jeopardize patient care if left unchecked.” - Cindy Firkins Smith, MD, CEO Affiliated Community Medical Centers, Willmar, former MMA president

“The MMA played a key role in teaming up with Allina Health and other groups to defeat a bill in the 2014 legislative session that attempted to greatly expand a physician’s liability exposure in wrongful death cases. Thanks to this strong partnership, which is particularly important given increasingly scarce health care resources, we were able to stop this harmful bill and focus on continually improving the care of the patients we serve.” - Penny Wheeler, MD, President and CEO Allina Health

“The MMA has worked locally and nationally to gain fair reimbursement for Minnesota physicians. It secured the first increase in the state’s Medical Assistance payment rates in a decade and it has pressured the state into modernizing its payment methods. The MMA talks payment policy issues with insurance plans and has worked annually with the AMA to repeal the flawed Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate.” - Will Nicholson, MD, HealthEast St. John’s Hospital, Maplewood