Sen. Matt Klein, MD, Minnesota Senate

KleinatDAC2020-(2).jpgJuly 2020 Advocacy Champion

  1. Why is being an advocate so important to you? Now more than ever, physicians are called to expand our work beyond an individual patient and into advocacy for all patients. I'm thrilled to have inspired physicians to get involved in the legislative process, where our voices are both uniquely in demand and highly respected.
  2. What health-care related issue(s) have you advocated for over the past year? I've worked with both parties at the legislature on regulation of prescription drug costs, gun violence policies, affordable health care for all and other issues. But I felt my work was the most effective when COVID-19 hit our state, and I was able to guide fellow legislators toward a prudent response. It required a historical shift in every Minnesotan's life and habits; but we lived up to our reputation as a smart and healthy state which makes decisions based in science and evidence.
  3. What advice would you offer to others who are interested in advocacy? The most effective advocates are those who set aside their own pecuniary interests and advocate on behalf of others. Physicians have a compelling voice when we advocate for our patients; there is something disarming and apolitical about altruism. Share your stories of patients who have moved you, because they will move others, as well.