Reclaim the Joy of Medicine Conference

This annual conference is dedicated to improving physician and other health professional wellbeing and resiliency.  It is a collaboration of physicians, nurses and hospital leaders from multiple health systems working to impact the lives of individuals, communities and organizations by promoting health through resilience.

The conference objectives include: 

  • Share knowledge, the results of research, and lessons learned on the prevalence, drivers and consequence of burnout among healthcare providers
  • Discuss strategies addressing the challenges and barriers we face as a healthcare provider in today’s complex healthcare environment
  • Identify and discuss best practices and experiences in building individual and organizational resilience 
  • Foster resilience through the building of relationships and social connections.

Plans for the 2023 conference are in development.


It’s the perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Generate new leads
  • Interact with the most engaged physicians from around Minnesota
  • Build visibility for your company
  • Introduce new products and services to attendees
  • Advertise to a wide range of attendees             

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