January 28, 2021

General Session 12:30-1:45pm

Bite Size Coping During Times of Uncertainty
  • Stressed during uncertain times? If you, your staff or your colleagues are feeling particularly spent, it is probably because the level of emotional exhaustion in health care workers was already at an all-time-high before COVID-19, with one out of three people already meeting the criteria for burnout. In this enlightening and entertaining module, we will provide some perspective, hope, and simple strategies to try during tense times.
    • Faculty: J. Bryan Sexton, PhD
    • Moderator: Corey Martin, MD

Afternoon Concurrent Breakout Sessions (select one) 2:15-3:15pm

  • The Resilience Bank Account
    • The day-to-day life of a physician can be deeply gratifying, but it also comes with stresses and challenges that can take a toll on your health and well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the already high levels of stress caused by heavy workloads, demanding standards of training and practice, and complex practice environments. All these factors can put any physician at increased risk of personal and professional dissatisfaction, burnout and depression. Join Micheal Maddaus, MD, to learn more how to integrate a set of individual skills and habits into your daily routine and how the cumulative impact of those habits over time can lead to optimal physical and mental performance. 
      • Faculty: Michael Maddaus, MD
      • Moderator: Natalia Dorf-Biderman, MD
  • Reconnecting in a World of Disconnection and Social Isolation   
    • Since Covid-19, do you feel like you have lost your mojo?  Do you find it difficult to connect with friends, family and colleagues?  When you scroll through social media, do you wonder what is happening in the world?  Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we are more alike than different AND if given the chance, we could once again have meaningful conversations that would fill our hearts and connect us in ways that we long for?  This talk is a powerful, experiential session based on the principles of the Center for Courage and Renewal that will help you understand how much power and control you have to make a meaningful difference in creating the connected life we all long for.
      • Faculty: Corey Martin, MD
      • Moderator: Bryana Andert, DO
  • More Than Spritzing Lavender on a Dumpster Fire. A panel of experts doing good work.
    • Hear from Drs. Spies and Williams, along with Aaste Campbell as they discuss the successes and challenges of working on wellness in a rewarding and challenging environment. 
      • Faculty: Aaste Campbell, Heather Spies, MD, Bryan Williams, MD
      • Moderator: Wendy Lane, MD

Closing Session 3:45-5pm

Self-compassion involves treating ourselves with kindness and support, like we would a close friend we cared about. This talk will present theory and research on self-compassion, which a burgeoning empirical literature has shown to be powerfully associated with psychological wellbeing. It will also discuss the crucial role that self-compassion plays for healthcare professionals in order to reduce stress and burnout on the job.
  • Faculty: Kristin Neff, PhD
  • Moderator: Dawn Ellison, MD

The Power of Story Event 7-8:30pm

Missing live performances? Love the Moth Radio Hour or This American Life? Don’t miss this storytelling experience. Host and master storyteller Jacquelyn Fletcher Johnson will perform a story about the COVID-19 era that will leave you laughing and inspired. She’ll be joined by other inspiring storytellers who will also regale you with their tales. With hilarious exercises and inspiring breakout topics, you’ll get a chance to experience for yourself why story is so powerful and how you can use its power to enhance your life and your practice of medicine.
  • Faculty: Jacquelyn Fletcher Johnson
  • Moderator: Corey Martin, MD and Teresa Thomas