MMA-RFS Physician in Training Well-Being

May 4, 2021Stein.jpg

7:00-8:30 pm

Title: Look to Your Left and Right: Creating Suicide Screening Skills for Our Healers in Training.
Presenter: Joshua Stein, MD

The Association of American Medical Colleges notes 30 percent of medical students and residents experience depression and 10 percent have suicidal thoughts. The goal of this lecture is to train our resident physicians in suicide screening skills and self-care. Based on the "Question Persuade Refer" technique, also known as the CPR for suicide, this lecture will focus on how our early healers can care for themselves and look out for each other.  The lecture is taught by Joshua Stein, MD, the current president of Minnesota Society for Child Adolescent Psychiatry and Early Career representative for Minnesota Psychiatric Society. Stein is also an active MMA member. Questions are welcome and direct resources will be provided. Additionally, there will be time for discussion and questions and answers. The lecture will not be recorded out of respect for the sensitive nature and potential need for privacy.

CME is available.
This training is sponsored by the MMA Foundation.