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The MMA's priorities for the 2020 legislative session, which begins Feb. 11, include:
1. Reducing minors’ access to tobacco and e-cigarettes 
While the federal government has acted to increase the age at which an individual may purchase tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other products containing nicotine from 18 to 21, the state must follow suit to ensure effective compliance, enforcement, and penalties for retailers who sell these products to underage individuals. Furthermore, Minnesota must act to bar the use of flavorings, including menthol, used in tobacco and e-cigarettes to reduce the appeal to minors.  

2. Preventing firearm injury and death 
All too many Minnesotans are the victims of firearm injury and death, and we must do better. The MMA will advocate closing the gun show loophole by requiring criminal background checks to include all private sales and transfers of firearms. In addition, the MMA will lobby to enact a “red flag” law to allow law enforcement to temporarily seize firearms from those who may be a danger to themselves or others. And finally, to garner a more complete picture of the harms of firearm violence and death, we’ll work to allow de-identified firearm ownership data for public health research or epidemiologic investigations.

3. Increasing immunization rates 
As recently as 2018, Minnesota was the scene of a major outbreak of measles, and 2019 saw an even broader, more dangerous epidemic of this vaccine-preventable disease. In 2020, the MMA will urge legislators to finally take action to reform Minnesota’s extremely weak laws that broadly allow parents to seek exemptions to vaccines otherwise required for school attendance. We’ll also continue to lobby for finding to support education and outreach to communities with lower rates of immunization.  
4. Reducing third-party interference in patient care 

For far too long, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, and other third-party players have interfered in the physician-patient relationship in ways that compromise care and add administrative burden. In 2020, the MMA will work to protect patients from arbitrary and risky changes to drug therapies that are working for patients. We’ll also be advocating to reform the prior authorization process to ensure that prior authorization is fair, minimally burdensome, and does not compromise patient care.  


2020 Issue Briefs
Reduce Third-Party Interference in Patient Care
Reducing Tobacco and Nicotine's Harm
Protecting Children from Infectious Disease
Working to Prevent Firearm Injury and Death
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