Obesity Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment guidelines

ICSI guideline for prevention and management of obesity

Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement guideline addresses the prevention, diagnosis, and management of obesity in mature adolescent and adult patients, including drug treatment, behavioral approaches, and surgery.

AMA assessment and management of adult obesity

The American Medical Association guide consists of 10 booklets that offer practical recommendations for addressing adult obesity in the primary care setting. The primer offers advice on evaluating patients for current and potential health risks related to weight, understanding medication and surgical options, improving communication and counseling, etc. The primer is also available in print or on CD-ROM and is free of charge. (Please refer to the product order # NC426203. Order by phone by calling (800) 621-8335. To order by fax, call (312) 464-5600. To order by mail, send to: Order Department, American Medical Association, P.O. Box 930876, Atlanta, Ga., 31193-0876.

Clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute guidlines have six sections: Clinical Guidelines Core Set, Evidence-Based Methodology, Background Data, Practical Tips, Special Considerations, and Future Research. The guidelines are available in a free, interactive program for use on Palm operating system and PocketPC 2003 devices.

"Practical Advice for Family Physicians to Help Overweight Patients" 
American Academy of Family Physicians

A PDF version of the 26-page American Family Physician Monograph. 


Fact sheets and statistics on obesity

The American Obesity Association's site includes fact sheets in English and Spanish on obesity education, research, prevention, treatment and the tax deductibility of obesity treatment.

Obesity news and information

Medline Plus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health provides links to latest news, National Institutes of Health information, overviews of obesity, Diagnosis/Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention/Screening, Health Check Tools, Specific Conditions, Related Issues, Financial Issues, Newsletters/Print Publications, Clinical Trials, Genetics, Research, Dictionaries/Glossaries, Directories, Organizations, Law and Policy, Statistics, Children, and Women.