Policy Council

At the 2013 MMA Annual Meeting, the House of Delegates voted to form the new Policy Council, which provides a representative mechanism and simplified process for obtaining broad member input, feedback and ideas on critical health policy issues facing Minnesota physicians. Recommendations of the Policy Council are submitted to the MMA Board of Trustees for consideration.


The Policy Council is comprised of 40 members, none of whom can be MMA committee chairs or MMA Board of Trustees members at the time of their appointment to the Policy Council. The Council Chair will be elected from among Council members.

Terms of Office

Each Policy Council member is eligible to serve for a term of three years, beginning at the conclusion of the MMA Annual Meeting. Terms for initial Council appointees shall begin as soon as appointments are completed and end no later than the 2016 MMA Annual Meeting. Terms will be arranged so that, as nearly as possible, one-third of members shall be appointed each year. Each member may serve no more than two complete, consecutive terms. Section members must be eligible members of their section during their term on the Council. No alternate or proxy members shall be appointed to the Council. In the event of a resignation or death, the appointing authority shall be notified and a new appointment shall be made.

The term of office of the Policy Council chair shall be one year, with a maximum of three terms.

Council Members on the Board of Trustees

The Council shall elect one member to serve as a full-voting member of the MMA board. The Council member of the board may be recognized in meeting any geographic membership requirements associated with the board of trustees and shall be counted as part of the total board size. The term of office on the board shall be three years, limited to one term. Physicians who have previously served a maximum nine-year term on the board are not eligible to serve as Council representatives to the board.

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