Payer & Community Action

Advocacy also happens outside of government and the public sector. The MMA advocates for medicine and health through interactions with insurers, community organizations, media, business groups, and community organizations. Our key work in this area addresses:
  • Prior Authorization
    • Health plans and pharmacy benefit managers establish prior authorization requirements  that can interfere with your ability to provide optimal care.  The MMA is working to reduce this burden.
  • Physician Well-Being and Burnout
    • Lack of autonomy, third-party interference with medical decision making, and administrative hassles are all leading to physician burnout.  Learn what the MMA is doing to address this problem.
  • Electronic Health Records
    • EHRs are one of the issues leading to physician burnout.  The MMA is working to ensure the EHR is a tool focused on improving patient care.
  • Health Equity
    • While Minnesota is constantly ranked as one of the healthiest states, we have among the worst health disparities related to race and ethnicity.  The MMA is working to ensure health care for all Minnesotans.
  • Tobacco 21
    • The MMA is working with physicians in local communities to pass local ordinances to raise the age to purchase tobacco products to 21.  This will reduce teen access and smoking rates.
  • State Health Improvement Program (SHIP)
    • SHIP provides grants to local communities to address obesity, tobacco use, and other public health problems.
  • Vaccines
    • The MMA is working to increase the childhood immunization rates for all Minnesotans.  This is a proven strategy to reduce preventable diseases.