Advocacy Action Team

Looking for a way to engage on policy related issues and lend your voice to the conversation? If so, we invite you to join an MMA Advocacy Action Team. These virtual teams will allow you to:
  • Demonstrate your commitment in support of an issue
  • Learn more about an issue and MMA’s proposed solutions
  • Receive unique information, news, and updates
  • Share your ideas and experiences
  • Connect with your peers
  • Take action in new ways:
    • Raise awareness about an issue you care about via social media
    • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper
    • Provide MMA with ideas, data, and experiences
    • Attend MMA Day at the Capitol and raise your voice on an issue
    • Meet with your legislator(s)
    • Testify at the Minnesota Legislature on behalf of the MMA
    • Suggest additional strategies the MMA can use to advance an issue

Advocacy Action Team Descriptions

Firearm Injury & Death Prevention

Gun violence and firearm-related accidents kill more than 30,000 Americans each year. Firearm injury and death is a public health crisis. Strategies needed to prevent and address this crisis include advocacy for firearm injury and death research funding, common sense gun laws at the state and federal level, as well as equipping physicians with the necessary tools to discuss firearm injury and death prevention in the exam room.  Join the firearm injury & death prevention advocacy action team and lend your voice to this important conversation.


This pandemic has shown how telehealth can be used to address obstacles to care, such as an inability to travel or lack of internet access. This has been possible because of peacetime emergency waivers and modifications allowing an individual to be treated in their own home via telehealth and allowing their provider to be reimbursed for that visit. These COVID era modifications and waivers to telehealth laws will soon come to an end unless we advocate for permanent changes. Join the telehealth advocacy action team and lend your voice to this important conversation.


Under current state law, children must be vaccinated to attend public school in Minnesota. However, Minnesota is one of about 15 states that allow for parents to exempt their children from immunization requirements based on their personal beliefs. The MMA believes that all children should be vaccinated, except for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Join the vaccines advocacy action team and lend your voice to this important conversation, as well as to other vaccine-related topics (COVID-19 vaccine, etc.).

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