Prior Authorization

priorauth.jpgAre you ready for ePA?

Effective Jan. 1, 2016, all Minnesota prescribers are required to submit, and payers are required to accept, electronic prior authorization requests for prescription drugs. Electronic prior authorization, or ePA, is part of Minnesota’s Electronic Prescription Drug Program law.

The MMA has resources to help you get ready for ePA. We will continue to add to this page so keep coming back.

Sound off on your medication prior authorization experience

Minnesota physicians are often overwhelmed with the burden and complexity of documentation and other administrative tasks. One physician summed up the frustration: “When do I find time to be a doctor?” MMA is identifying ways to alleviate administrative burdens, starting with an effort to reduce the complexity associated with the prior authorization process for prescription medications.

In theory, prior authorization of prescription medications is intended to help ensure that patients receive high-quality, cost-effective therapies. In reality, prior authorization is a source of great frustration to patients and physicians alike. Prior authorization is here to stay, but the process should be easier, the information exchanged should be standardized and variations across payers should be reduced.

To help support MMA’s efforts to improve the prior authorization process, specific examples of the hassles physician clinics experience due to medication prior authorization are needed. Please fill out the form below. Your input (unless you note otherwise) will be kept confidential. Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

Medication Prior Authorization – Report Your Problems

Please report your experiences with the medication prior authorization process. Complete one report for each specific issue/authorization problem. Your submissions will help the MMA improve the prior authorization process by documenting the challenges physicians face in obtaining covered medications for their patients.