Heartwood Healing

Take Care of Yourself So You Can Continue Caring for Others
Physician burnout is at an all-time high. As of 2015, up to 40 percent of physicians reported being burned out. This problem has a trickle-down effect on patient care. Studies have linked physician burnout to an increase in unprofessional behavior, lower patient satisfaction and major medical errors.

To help address the issue, the MMA has partnered with Heartwood Healing to offer physicians and trainees the Heartwood Self-Mastery Program – evidence-based tools and strategies to prevent and manage stress and help you reconnect to your purpose. The program, consisting of a series of short videos, downloadable audio recordings and tools, will help physicians and physicians-in-training enhance their inner strength and design a life of fulfillment. The course includes 15.75 CME credits. 

The root causes of professional dissatisfaction and burnout are largely rooted in organization and systemwide factors. Personal characteristics matter as well – physical and mental well-being, ability to adapt to change, social connections, strong personal relationships, and sense of purpose. The Heartwood Self-Mastery Program helps you build and strengthen these inner attributes to help you take care of yourself so you can continue to take care of others.   

Start today by clicking here. MMA members receive a 20 percent discount on the course.  

About Heartwood Healing:
Heartwood Healing, founded by Jacquelyn Fletcher Johnson, is an education, training and coaching organization that creates ways to help businesses whose people are experiencing high levels of stress, facing burnout and compassion fatigue, or other challenges. Heartwood Healing’s techniques provide people with access points to their inner core of strength and resilience so they can create sustainable health and well-being.