Public Health


To optimize the health and wellness of Minnesotans and to address health equity issues and the social determinants of health.


  • Address issues related to public and population health (e.g., obesity, diet and exercise, maternal and child care, substance abuse, crime, lifestyle, preventive medicine, environmental and occupational health, etc.). Advocate the importance of a healthy population.
  • Work to reduce disparities in health care and to increase equity in health care outcomes.
  • Examine opportunities to strengthen relationships between medicine and public health.
  • Monitor and address legislative and regulatory issues affecting public health, wellness, and safety. Communicate relevant issues to the Board of Trustees and MMA membership.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • Wednesday, October 23, 2019



  • Cresta Jones, MD, Chair
  • Shari Bornstein, MD
  • Tim Capecchi, MD
  • Lynn Cornell, MD
  • Valeria Cristiani, MD
  • Ramona DeJesus, MD
  • Allison Ducharme-Smith, MD (RFS Delegate)
  • Amr El-Bokl, MD
  • Richard Geier, MD
  • James Hart, MD
  • Elise Haupt, PA-C, MPH
  • Cresta Jones, MD
  • Nick Jungbauer (MSS Alternate)
  • Thomas Kottke, MD
  • Sharon Li, MD (RFS Alternate)
  • Raj Mody, MD, MPH
  • Chelsey Petrich (MSS Delegate)
  • Jean Louise Porter, MD
  • George Schoephoerster, MD
  • Bruce Snyder, MD
  • Scott Stevens, MD
  • Kim Tjaden, MD
  • Douglas Wendland, MD
  • Juliana Milhofer, staff