Membership and Communications


To attract, engage, and support physicians in a manner so compelling and irreplaceable that MMA membership is identified by Minnesota physicians as essential to providing the highest quality health care in Minnesota.


  • Assess MMA membership trends, satisfaction, and interests.
  • Work to ensure and encourage diversity in membership to ensure membership that is reflective of Minnesota physicians in terms of gender, geography, specialty, practice style, and racial and ethnic diversity. Identify and strengthen the MMA opportunities, activities, and features that incent and facilitate membership recruitment and retention.
  • Identify and strengthen opportunities, activities and features for - and eliminate barriers to - engagement and involvement.
  • Identify, create, and facilitate programs designed to attract, maintain, and support membership and enhance MMA membership and involvement.
  • Monitor and address legislative and political issues that may create opportunities for, or barriers to, membership.
  • Communicate opportunities for involvement, activism, advocacy and leadership to Minnesota physicians. Maximize communication tools and technologies (e.g., Internet, email, social media, Skype, etc.). Communicate issues pertinent to MMA membership issues and activities to the Board of Trustees and MMA membership.




  • Edwin Bogonko, MD, MBA (Chairperson)  
  • Britt Ehlert, MD
  • James Hoffmann, DO
  • Lisa Mattson, MD
  • Lisa Arrington (MGMA Representative)
  • Layan Alrahmani, MD (Resident Fellow Section Representative)
  • Kristen Bastug (Student Section Representative)
  • Sara Benton (Student Section Alternate)
  • Elizabeth Anderson, Director of Membership, MMA Staff
  • Dan Hauser, Director of Communications, MMA Staff