Ethics & Medical Legal Affairs


To safeguard the highest ethical and moral standards in the delivery of health care in Minnesota and to champion professionalism in medicine.


  • Address issues that deal with the legal, ethical and moral aspects of medical practice.
  • Monitor the issues and activities of the state body responsible for the competency and discipline of Minnesota physicians (Board of Medical Practice).
  • Develop and support activities that enhance the role of professionalism in the practice of medicine.
  • Monitor and address legislative, regulatory, and judicial activities related to the ethical, moral, and legal delivery of health care.
  • Educate Minnesota physician about ethical, moral, and legal issues.
  • Communicate relevant issues to the Board of Trustees and MMA membership.

Upcoming Meeting

  • May 5, 2021

Meeting Minutes


  • Dennis O’Hare, MD—Chair
  • David Agerter, MD 
  • Christopher Burkle, MD
  • Devon Callahan, MD
  • Amy Joan Elliot, MD
  • Megan Everson, MD (Resident Fellow Section Representative, Alternate)
  • Jonathon Gleber, MD
  • Diane Mortimer, MD
  • David Plimpton, MD
  • Maraika Robinson, MD (Resident Fellow Section Representative)
  • Robert Sloan, MD
  • Martin Stillman, MD
  • Lindsey Yock, MD