Professional Advisory Team

The MMA Professionalism Advisory Team will work to foster an improved culture of professionalism among Minnesota physicians by promoting collegiality and networking opportunities. To accomplish this task, the team will:

  • Investigate the state of physician professionalism in Minnesota
  • Define the attributes of professionalism
  • Determine threats to professionalism
  • Describe what MMA can do to promote professionalism in Minnesota
See attributes of professionalism

See threats to professionalism

Upcoming Meetings

This task force has completed. There are no upcoming meetings at this time.



Amanda Thoendel, M.D.
Chris Johnson, M.D.
David Hurrell, M.D.
Frederic Hafferty, Ph.D.
Kim Kiser, Staff Kirby Clark, M.D.
Mohammad Alam, M.D.
Patricia Lindholm, M.D.
Raj Bhui, M.D.
Val Ulsted, M.D.
Terry Ruane, Staff Virginia Lupo, M.D.