Primary Care Physician Task Force

In January 2013, the MMA Primary Care Physician Workforce Expansion Advisory Task Force was formed, in order to explore ways to increase Minnesota’s primary care physician workforce.

Minnesota is in the middle of a crisis. As the Affordable Care Act kicks into high gear in January 2014 thousands of Minnesotans will gain access to health care coverage. In addition, an increasing number of primary care physicians are retiring and our population continues to get older.
How are we going to meet this growing need for care and how will it affect your practice?

In January 2013, the MMA formed a physician-only task force to address the issue. Below you’ll find some statistics, the task force’s objectives and a roster of members.


  • Between 2000 and 2030, the portion of Minnesota’s population 65 and older is expected to increase from 12 to 24 percent.
  • In January 2014, when the Affordable Care Act kicks into full gear, more Minnesotans, who have not been previously eligible for or have not purchased insurance coverage, will become eligible and will be required to do so.
  • Meanwhile, primary care physicians in Minnesota are getting older and closer to retirement. In 2011, more than a third were age 55 or older.


The group will work to:

  • Plan and convene a Summit (November 12, 2013) to identify and share strategies for increasing Minnesota’s primary care physician workforce;
  • Understand the various drivers affecting the capacity and future supply of Minnesota’s primary care physician workforce;
  • Identify strategies for increasing the workforce in the state;
  • Determine roles for the MMA, as well as other potential stakeholders, in advancing specific strategies to increase the workforce;
  • Recognize the relationship between workforce expansion efforts and other non-physician primary care workforce initiatives;  and
  • Partner with others, as needed, to increase visibility and importance of the issue of workforce capacity among policy makers and the public.

Primary Care Physician Task Force Members:

Task force members represent the traditional areas of primary care – family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine and geriatrics. The task force includes representatives from the state’s medical schools,residency program leadership, medical students, residents, practicing community physicians, hospital representatives and other voices.

  • Jeremy Springer, M.D., Chair
  • Julie Anderson, M.D.
  • David Agerter, M.D.
  • Emily Borman-Shoap, M.D.
  • Kathleen Brooks, M.D.
  • Amy Burt, M.D.
  • Raymond Christensen, M.D.
  • Eric McDaniel (Medical Student)
  • George Morris, M.D.
  • Anne Pereira, M.D.
  • Jacob Prunuske, M.D.
  • Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
  • Nick Schneeman, M.D.
  • Paul Schutt, M.D. (Resident)


Task Force Final Report and Recommendations:

Primary Care Physician Shortage in the News:

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