Governance Committee


To improve MMA governance effectiveness, to identify board education and development opportunities, and to conduct leadership and board assessments.


  • Identify, monitor, and recommend actions to the board to improve board effectiveness, learning, and development.
  • Recommend approaches to improve board structures and functions.
  • Assess performance of MMA trustees, board-elected officers, and AMA delegation members. Communicate results of such assessments to the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee.
  • Identify and communicate annually with the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee a statement of competencies and personal attributes needed on the MMA board and/or delegation to the AMA.
  • Review on a biennial basis MMA committee structures.
  • Review and draft bylaws changes, as needed, for board and membership approval.


The Governance Committee is composed of 7 members:

  • the board chair;
  • 5 current board members appointed by the board chair;
  • MMA CEO (ex-officio, non-voting member)

The board chair will appoint a Governance Committee Chair from among the five board members.
Terms are for three years, with a maximum of two terms.


The Governance Committee will meet on a periodic basis to accomplish their assigned tasks.



  • Mailyn Peitso, MD, Chair
  • Edwin Bogonko, MD
  • Paul Matson, MD
  • Randy Rice, MD
  • Abigail Ring, MD
  • Doug Wood, MD
  • Janet Silversmith, Ex Officio