Prescription Opioid Management Advisory Task Force – Phase II

At the July 18th meeting of the MMA Board of Trustees, the MMA Public Health Committee presented a list of recommendations for next steps the MMA should take to address the addiction, abuse and diversion of prescription opioids.  At the meeting, one of the recommendations approved by the Board was to reconvene the MMA Prescription Opioid Management Advisory Task Force.  Per the Board’s decision, the task force reconvened on September 13, 2016.

The task force is charged with developing recommendations for consideration by the MMA Board of Trustees on the following topics:
  1. The potential circumstances for when mandatory use of the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program may be appropriate. 
  2. The potential circumstances for when required education/additional training with respect to opioid prescribing may be appropriate.
  3. Strategies for expanding the number of buprenorphine providers.
  4. The task force is also charged with reviewing the recommendations from the DHS Opioid Prescribing Work Group to help guide MMA response.

Task Force Members

  • Alfred Anderson, MD (Pain Medicine)
  • Beth Baker, MD, MPH, Chair (Occupational Medicine)
  • Paul Biewen, MD (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
  • Elisabeth Bilden, MD (Emergency Medicine/Toxicology)
  • Michelle Cowling, MD (Obstetrics/Gynecology)
  • William Dicks, MD (Family Medicine/Pain Medicine)
  • Mark Eggen, MD (Anesthesia)
  • Tom Flynn, MD (Oncology)
  • Christopher Johnson, MD (Emergency Medicine)
  • Charles Reznikoff, MD (Addiction Medicine/Internal Medicine)
  • David Schultz, MD (Anesthesia/Pain Medicine)
  • Pamela Shultz, MD (Addiction Medicine)
  • Keith Stelter, MD (Family Medicine)
  • Lindsey Thomas, MD (Forensic Pathology)
  • Joseph Westermeyer, MD (Addiction/Substance Abuse)


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